A portrait of our hotel

The Schlosshotel Chastè, situated under the Tarasp Castle, originally used to be a farm. It has belonged to the Pazeller family for more than 500 years, i. e. 21 generations. It took several stages to complete the transformation from a farmhouse to a modern, luxurious hotel. During that transformation, it didn’t lose the charm of a traditional Engadin house; it still manages to offer high standards of comfort and luxury.

These were the infrastructural requirements to turn the small restaurant, opened in 1912, into a refuge for today’s guests from all over the world. You can feel the spirit of broad-minded hosts in the rooms, as well as an untiring consent to our guests‘ highest expectations and desires. My wife, Daniela, and I are a good hotelier team, completing each other perfectly. Everything we do is done with a great dedication and with very much love. We do our best – in our natural and informal way – so that our guests feel at home while staying at the Schlosshotel Chastè. We do our best to pamper them with luxurious rooms, our pleasant bathing facilities, exquisite meals, and a grand wine cellar.

The natural beauties you can admire, just by one step outdoor, makes our hotel in to a small paradise - for such people who like to enjoy them – amidst an environment presenting itself in its genuine appearance.


Click here to see a live image from our roof cam of Tarasp Castle.