Our Team

Da​niela und Rudolf Pazeller

Mr. and Mrs. Pazeller lead the family business successfully since 1970. The kitchen is managed by Mr. Pazeller, Mrs. Pazeller is responsible for the front area and service .


Gian Andrea Pazeller

In summer 2012 I took over the lead of the Schlosshotel Chastè. I am proud to continue my parents lifework.
Always anxious to please our guests, it is one of my tasks to offer a high standard in a stylish environment.


Margaritta Ursina

Since december 2012 I am supporting the family Pazeller two days a week at the rezeption and the marketing.
The family atmosphere creates a pleasent working environment and as a local, I am very pleased to work in the region.



Andreas Heidenreich

My name is Andreas Heidenreich and I am working since 2005 in the Schlosshotel Chastè. Since 2012 I am kitchen chef and the right hand of Mr. Rudolf Pazeller.
I appreciate the confidence that family
Pazeller has for me! Dealing with co-workers and the common goal here I think it is best. Tarasp is a beautiful place on this earth.



I am Raimundo and I am working at the Chastè since the 15th December 2010 in the kitchen. I help where I can to assist the kitchen staff.





My Name is Florian and since the winter season 2014-15 I am supporting the kitchen team as chief Entremetier. I was already for two years part of the kitchen staff at the Schlosshotel Chastè.

And now - after beeing away for a year, I'm happy and proud to work again with an awesome team. I am responsible for the preparation of fresh vegetables, all the side dishes and soups.



I am Patrick and since May 2014 I am supporting the kitchen team of the Schlosshotel Chastè as a Saucier.

My task is to prepare meat, fish and sauces.



My name is Nicola and I started my apprenticeship as a cook in summer 2013.

I am looking forward to learn the profession as a cook here at the Schlosshotel Chastè.



I am Raffael  and since summer 2013 I am learning the profession of a cook.

It is very exciting to see how food can be prepared so that nice dishes can be formed.



My name is Antonio and I work in the kitchen and support the brigade where I can. I appreciate the collegiality among the staff .


Aida Lino

My name is Aida Lino and I am working since 1992 in Switzerland and in the Schlosshotel Chastè. It is for me a great joy after all the years, to be considered as an important part of the company by the Pazeller family and guests.



My name is Matthias and since May 2013 I belong to the service team of the Schlosshotel Chastè. One of my passions is the Tai Chi Chuan. I like to bring this ancient Chinese Art of movement closer to our guests.




I am Bastian and I am supporting the service team since december 2014.

In fall 2014, I successfully completed the Hotel Management School Belvoirpark in Zurich. It's a pleasure to use my knowledge and to put my skills to spoil our guests.




My name is Henrique and I am working since 1991 in the Schlosshotel Chastè. My responsibilities include the wine cellar and the support of the service in rückwertigen area. It is a great pleasure for me after all the years to be considered as an important part of the company by the Pazeller family and guests.


Bruno and Sonja

We are Bruno and Sonja, and are responsible for the cleanliness in the restaurant and in the rooms.

We like the work environment and the good manners among employees.


Da​vid and Susanna

We are David and Susanna, and we are working since 2006 in the Schlosshotel Chastè.
I am Susanna and responsible for the cleanliness of the rooms and the laundry for the whole house.
I am David, porter, concierge and chauffeur.

We enjoy working at Schlosshotel Chastè and appreciate the friendly relationship with our guests and colleagues.



Joao and Fatima

Since 2008 we, Joao and Fatima, belong to the team of the Schlosshotel Chastè.

Me, Fatima, I'm supporting the housekeeping team by cleaning rooms and at the laundry. Me, Joao, I'm helping the staff kitchen and I'm there where help is needed.